'Don’t let the various restrictions get you down - stay fit and healthy with workouts, recipes and tips to keep you going in 2021'

Feeling tired? Fed up of yo-yo dieting and unhealthy eating habits? Do you want to do short, effective and convenient workouts?


Just fed up and want to try something different?

Join me for a 28 day challenge. You will be introduced to tips that are easy to implement (small changes help a lot), gain healthy eating habits, get fit and gain more energy. 


Learn how to keep going for the long term and keep going in February when most have failed.

"For anyone looking to lose weight and get control of their health habits. I cannot recommend Angela's nutrition coaching enough. In just a few weeks I've managed to lose 3 kilos and adopt new habits that fit with my busy lifestyle.


It's such a good feeling to do something for myself that benefits my young family and me at the same time!"

Sarah (37)

Small Changes

like walking, drinking more water build up to a healthier you.


You won't be overwhelmed by this challenge. You will wonder if it really is this easy.


Get Guidance and support from your coach and from the Facebook Group.


Realistic Food Options

Struggling with eating well? Focus on quality of food so you will feel energetic and healthy.


It’s especially important now to eat foods that keep us strong.


Learn to gain healthy eating habits.

Community Support

I like to build positive communities! I will support you but you can also support each other.


You will feel you belong in this group.


The group will be run through Facebook, a platform that you are used to. There might be some additional surprises in there too!

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Home Workouts

Find it hard to fit in workouts?


Follow short and simple home workouts to keep you fit and help to prevent those extra lockdown pounds




You will also get...

  • Recipes so you will know what to cook 

  • A grocery shopping guide so you will no longer get led astray in the aisles

  • Motivational tips to keep you going  

  • and more….


The Programme will start on Monday 18th January 2021.

Don’t let lockdowns and restrictions get you down - stay fit and healthy. Don’t take time to look after yourself?


If you don’t, how can you look after others or have the energy you deserve?


Most of all it won’t be an overwhelming programme. There may also be a ’secret’ group competition!


Available at the limited price until 10th January. There is a 14 day cancellation policy from when you start the programme on 18th January 2021 so you can ask for a refund during this period if you don’t feel it’s right for you. Access to the group and resources will then be removed. After the 14 days refunds are not available. 



I am Angela Rochester and when I was younger I tried all the faddy diets - it was unhealthy and unsustainable. Have you been doing the same?

I can see you struggling every day, not knowing what to do and how to workout. Let me guide you towards something different. 

I will be introducing you to a healthy lifestyle. Learn to eat and workout in ways that can fit around your lifestyle and family, make life easier and hopefully make you feel happier!