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Group Personal Training

Where you are currently?

You are currently active or have been active in the past but would like to try something different. You know you could be fitter, and you want to feel healthier and more energetic. You may want to lose weight, tone or just feel fitter. You feel that exercise can be fun but just lately have lacked the motivation to do it. 

What problems might you be facing now?


You are tired of the gym and like classes but sometimes they seem too large. However, you do like the atmosphere of a group. You are frustrated by how unfit you feel and just want to be healthier. You are finding it hard to find something that suits you and fits in with your lifestyle.

What you need help with?

You would like train with your family, friends or colleagues as it is more fun with them, but you don’t know where to go. You would like to do effective exercises and like the idea of a personal trainer but the 1:1 is too intense for you. You would just like to supplement what you currently do or just start your fitness journey in a small group. You would to train at times and places convenient to you.

How can group personal training help you?

Group personal training can help you if you feel more motivated working within a group and like to work out with those you know well. Group personal training is great if you like to have fun in a group and like a variety of exercises during a session. 

•    Exercise programmes tailored to your group
•    Once or twice weekly sessions
•    Sessions can be held at your home, local park or place of work
•    Minimum of 3 and maximum of 6 in a group
•    Body measurements so you know what is healthy for you

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