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Personal Training

Where you are currently?

You have been active in the past and enjoyed it but recently you have not bothered to go to the gym or classes and lack motivation. You would like to lose a bit of weight, tone and become fit again but do not know where to start. You want to feel more energetic and vibrant. You feel that personal training could give you the kickstart you need and set you on the right path.

What problems might you be facing now?

Your lifestyle and work are affecting how you healthy you feel. It is hard to go to the gym and know what to do. Classes are just not for you either. You feel it would be great if you could train at home or a place that is convenient to you. You are feeling frustrated as you know you can do better. You have been better in the past and feel that you need to take action now.

What you need help with…

You need someone to motivate you and to keep you motivated. You would like guidance and direction to help you to reach achievable goals. You need someone who will check on you and provide programmes for in-between sessions. You would like someone to work closely with you and start you on the right track. You need to know that you are investing in yourself enough to see results.

How can personal training help you?

Personal training is not just about losing weight; I want you to be healthy and fitter. As a personal trainer I will challenge you 100% and give you bespoke and tailored exercises for your needs.

Let's find a training method that suits you to achieve your goals; whether that is HIT, Pad Work or Body Weight exercises. Also, a method that suits you at your present moment - If you want to get back into fitness, ante/post-natal or if you want to lose weight for a special occasion; there are exercises you can do to help you with each stage of your life. I will help you to create lifelong change. 

•    Weekly or twice-weekly tailored made personal training sessions at your home, local park or place of work.
•    Personalised exercise plan to do between classes
•    Tracking of progress in a positive and healthy way. 
•    body measurements so you know what's healthy for you.
•    Nutritional guidance and advice

Fit for Life!

Are you serious about your health and fitness goals? However, you feel that you need help to get there? Need to get ready for a special occasion? 

This 12-week package is for you. Get help with your goals and install the habits needed for a healthier you.

•    Lifestyle Consultation
•    Nutritional Guidance
•    Twice Weekly Personal Training Sessions
•    Progress Tracking
•    Accountability & Motivation

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