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Fit exercise into your day!

When I have consultations with clients, one common theme that crops up, is trying to fit exercise into their busy lives. They do not have the time during the week because of the work commitments and often the weekend is full of social commitments and other responsibilities. Well, it is actually easy to fit exercise into your daily schedule. You do not have to do hours of exercise at one time or take part in structured exercise all the time. Here are some tips on getting more active and staying active

Shorter workouts

Workouts do not have to be hours long. A 15 to 30-minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) session can easily fit into your day and when correctly done; can even be more effective than an hour’s workout.

Early Morning Workouts

For those early risers – why not wake up an extra 30 minutes earlier and fit in your workout? This can be anything from HIIT to yoga. You will also feel alert and energised from the beginning of the day.

Everyday activities

There are different forms of exercise that we can do every day and can be incorporated into our lives easily. If travelling by public transport – why not get off a few stops earlier and walk to your destination. Try taking the stairs instead of the lift. If you are able to do a few squats and stretches at your desk or try going out for a walk at lunchtime.

Make a plan

Find out what days or times are more convenient for you to work out and stick to that routine. It is so much easier when exercise becomes a habit. However, do not feel too guilty if you miss a session. Just fit it elsewhere in your schedule.

Workout with friends

Working out is so much easier when you do it with your friends! It then becomes social rather than a chore. It is also makes you more accountable – how can you skip a session when your friend is waiting for you at a class, the gym or park? It can definitely make you more committed.

Exercise with your children

Bring your children along to your workout. If you have a baby there are lots of mother and child training sessions such as buggy workouts. If you have an older child/children– running around in the local park or playing games such as football or rounders; are all ways of exercising but having fun too.


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