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My Fitness Philosophy

My fitness philosophy has developed from not only from my training but my own personal fitness/health journey. It has been challenging at times but also rewarding:

I believe in having a mind and body balance . This is because I never used to have one! I used to be very much in my mind; I still believe in acquiring knowledge and learning (I love it!), however I was neglecting my body. I was neglecting it by not using it to its full capabilities and I was not nourishing it to fulfil those capabilities. It wasn’t until I discovered running in my mid-30s that I learnt to know what my body is truly capable of. When I started running I became more aware of what I was eating and how to fuel my body to keep it strong. I also began to enjoy other forms of exercise, attended classes and the gym regularly. Over time; I learnt what was best for my body and became more confident as my awareness increased. I am now in my 40s and I still feel good.

I do not believe in dieting but in forming habits. Like most people I have been on diets and they do not work. What happens when you finish the diet? You fall back on faulty habits. The best thing to do is to have good healthy eating habits and stick to it. If I give clients nutritional recommendations, I prefer them to be ones that I know they can stick to for a lifetime. Healthy eating should be maintained for life and it is not just about losing weight – it is about helping to prevent diseases and being the fittest version of our selves possible.

On the flip side, I do not count calories .There is nothing worse than restricting yourself and counting calories – it can lead to unhealthy eating habits and can lead to overthinking about food. If you have a balanced diet (Including lots of fruit and vegetables and no processed food) and a good exercise routine; you should not need to deny yourself what fuels you. Health should be about moderation and balance.

Exercise is the greatest medicine! It really is and you can discover that it is too. If you find a form of exercise that you really enjoy then it can be fun too. Since having a great fitness regime – I love my body because I realise that is capable of, I maintain a healthy weight, I feel happier and more energetic and the list goes on.

People need to discover their own fitness philosophy. Once you have discovered what your own fitness philosophy is, then it can be so freeing and easy to maintain. You need to find what healthy foods you enjoy and more important the right exercise routine to help kick-start and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Realistic goals are so important when we start out on our health journeys. If they are not realistic then we fall flat and give up. Most of the population cannot look like catwalk models but we can look like damn fine versions of us!

We do have the time - Why do we deny ourselves something that is so integral to our health and longevity? We know that children have to exercise and eat the right foods to stay healthy and we do not deny children the time to do this. I give myself time to exercise because ultimately I need to stay healthy and this enables me to look after and support others. An effective workout does not need to take hours!

Are you desperate to get back into fitness, lose weight or want to be the healthiest & fittest version of you possible? Are you ready to discover your own fitness philosophy? Contact me for a free consultation and let’s build your fitness philosophy together.

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