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RPT Fitness Classes

A healthier you

My classes are perfect if you:

  1. do not feel as fit as you used to or you want to start getting into fitness.

  2. would like to improve your health and lifestyle.

  3. like to feel fitter and stronger and might want to lose some weight too.

  4. prefer to do a class as you are intimidated by the gym but don’t mind or would like to try training in a group.

Classes currently take place in White City, London. Choose a class that suits you and the first class is free (use code: FCF2020). Click on the button and book now (if you are viewing this on a mobile you will be taken to the Gym Catch App)

''I plan my day around these classes. I feel so much better than before" - Julie

"I just feel so wonderful after these classes and I have progressed so much" - Selina