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RPT Fitness Classes

Unique fitness classes in White City (London)


Where are you currently with your fitness?


You do not feel as fit as you used to or you could really start getting into fitness. You would like to improve your health and lifestyle. You would like to feel fitter and stronger and might want to lose some weight too. You would prefer to do a class as you are intimidated by the gym but don’t mind or would like to try training in a group.

What problems might you be facing now?


You feel that you need more energy and would like to be at a good place within your body and mind. You are not as fit as you used to be or would like to be. You feel that you do not have the time to exercise and it is frustrating. You feel that your job and current lifestyle are getting in the way of your health. You want to do something different and fun but you are not sure what.


What you need help with?


You would like to get in the habit of regular exercise so that you can feel more energetic. You would like to lose weight or get fitter in an achievable way. You would like to train with a mixed group of people with different abilities as you feel more comfortable in a mixed group. You are also looking for a class that is fun and has a community feel.


How can RPT Fitness Classes help you?


Fatburn Extreme

Increase your energy in a short space of time by taking part in an effective workout that builds strength and burns fat. A (surprisingly short) workout that is challenging and fun! The workout is only 20 minutes and just under 30 minutes with the warm up and cool down. Burn up to 600 calories per session.


  • Attend one or two classes a week

  • Packages to suit you

  • Newsletters with news and tips

  • Supportive Instructor

  • Social Events

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