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January Health Challenges

January is a time for many to think about setting the reset button and to try something new; particularly when it comes to their health. There are a number of challenges that have become popular during January for that reason and here are a few:






Record numbers of people are turning to veganism in the UK. Veganuary is a chance to try the vegan diet for a month. Vegans do not eat meat, dairy products, seafood and other foods such as honey and items that may include animal by-products. Veganuary is a great way to start of the New Year in a healthy way but it is also an opportunity to begin to think about animal welfare and the environment in a different light.




Dry January

Over indulged on alcohol during the Christmas period? Try Dry January. Giving up drinking for a month can have a good effect on the liver, weight, cholesterol levels and quality of sleep.  If you want to try this challenge, there is even an app to help you out!



 Yoga January

Why not try the 30-day yoga challenge? There is still time to join in! This challenge involves practising yoga each day for 30 days. You do not have to attend classes each day and break the bank. There are plenty of free yoga classes online as well as subscription services. You will certainly be more bendy come February!



January Running Distance Challenge

If you love running – try Strava’s running distance challenge. You can set yourself a distance gaol and work towards it. Strava is a great app to help keep you motivated/track your runs during the challenge and after.


Healthy/Clean Eating Challenges

There are lots of healthy eating and clean eating challenges out there. Clean eating involves cutting out processed foods and white sugar and refined white flours. If you want to be less strict, then there are also healthy eating challenges out there that concentrate on eating healthy and wholesome food. Why not try the NHS healthy eating quiz to find out if you are currently a healthy eater?


Have you started or will you try any of the January challenges? It is not too late!

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