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10 Fitness Facts


1.    You cannot lose weight from a certain part of your body. In the fitness industry this is called 'spot training'. Unfortunately, you cannot control where you lose the weight from your body so instead of aiming to get smaller thighs or a flatter stomach just think about overall weight loss.

2.    There is such a thing as too much exercise! Make sure you rest too. This can mean adequate rest days between exercise sessions and getting enough sleep. Your body needs to rest in order for muscles to recover and to reap the benefits of exercising.

3.    It can take around 20 minutes for your body to realise it is full so chew your food slowly to avoid overeating.

4.    Beetroot is one of the true super foods. It contains vitamin C, magnesium and iron and can boost athletic performance. Beetroot can be included in all sorts of recipes and is great in a smoothie or salad.

5.    If you want to improve your performance than listen to music! It is a great motivator and can even get you to move faster.

6.    People who work out with friends or family are more likely to stick to their fitness regimes.

7.    Exercise is great at any age. Parents who exercise regularly are good role models for their children, it is a great habit to form at an early age and as you get older it is increasingly important to aid muscle mass and overall well being.

8.    Men lose weight quicker than women. There are a few reasons for this such as men and women storing fat differently and men developing more muscle mass. However, this advantage is only in the short term and women are able to recover quicker from exercise.

9.    Exercise is also great for your brain. It helps to reduce stress, improves memory and thinking skills.

10.     I have left the slightly less glamourous fact to the end. Exercise is good for regular bowel movements! Exercise helps to stimulate the contraction of the intestinal muscles and lack of exercise can actually cause constipation!


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