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Ready to get the strong core you desire?

4 week Core Challenge

(Monday 4th July to Sunday 31st July)

Does it seem like no matter what you do, you just can’t find the time to do those core exercises that you know will help to make you feel less achy and improve your overall fitness and health?


If so, you’re not alone.

The fact is MOST people fail at keeping to core exercises and perhaps getting that leaner figure they desire.


But there is a good reason why they fail...and the reason they fail can be the reason you succeed.


It’s because while they might workout sporadically, they neglect the most important part…and that’s a plan.


That’s why I created the Four Week Core Challenge. It gives you everything you need to finally get a stronger core so finally address the problems that having a week core give you and perhaps get leaner as a result.


Benefits of core exercises​​

  • A leaner look

  • Prevention and relief of lower back pain 

  • Better posture 

  • The ability to complete everyday activities with more ease

  • Better performance in exercises and sports.

  • Better balance and stability 

What you get on the challenge:

  • Planned workouts so you can achieve a stronger core.

  • Short core workouts so you can do the workouts in the limited time you have.

  • Group accountability so you can stick to the workouts and be consistent.

  • Healthy recipes so you can fuel yourself well and gain the energy you need.

  • Plus Bonus Workouts if your goal is also a bit of weight loss.

Small Changes

like walking, drinking more water build up to a healthier you.


You won't be overwhelmed by this challenge. You will wonder if it really is this easy.


Get Guidance and support from your coach and Group.

This programme will also be at a special launch price of £57. Lower than working 1:1 with me but still getting great results. But hurry spots are limited!


I know you’re going to love this program and the results you get. That’s why I’m backing this program with a 14-day guarantee.


That means if you get half way through the programme and don’t feel like it's for you,  just send me an email at before the 14th day of the programme and I will personally refund you the cost of the programme (minus a small admin fee).


Ready to take the next step towards getting the strong core you desire? And achieving a stronger body as a result?




Answers to your questions

Is this an online group challenge?

Yes, it is. You will be starting the challenge together on 4th July 2022.

What time are the workouts?

The workouts are schedule on certain days but you can do the workouts at anytime during the day that you wish - just follow the videos.


How will the challenge be delivered?

The challenge will be delivered through an easy to use app.

Is the challenge suitable for everyone?

The challenge will be suitable for those who are beginners and the more advance - there will be options for different levels of experience . However, if you have certain injuries - it might not be suitable for you so please contact me before you join. 

Do I have lifetime access to the challenge?

No, once the challenge is over you will no longer have access to the challenge and the app.

Is there a deadline to sign up?

Yes, the last day to sign up is 1st July. However, if all spots are taken enrolment will close so sign up soon to avoid disappointment. 

Do I need any equipment?

No, you don't - you can use your bodyweight. If you do have equipment - there will be options where you can use them but it is not essential. 

I am Angela Rochester and when I was younger I tried all the faddy diets - it was unhealthy and unsustainable. Have you been doing the same?

I can see you struggling every day, not knowing what to do and how to workout. Let me guide you towards something different. 

I will be introducing you to a rewarding way to develop your core. Learn to eat and workout in ways that can fit around your lifestyle and family and make life easier.

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