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Food Swaps

Swapping unhealthy foods for healthier versions can be easy. Read on to find out how you can make your meals healthier with just a little tweak.


Swap sugary cereals for healthier alternatives. Even supposedly healthy alternatives can have hidden sugars and salts. Always look at the labels. Adults should eat no more than 6grams of salt (2.4g of sodium) per day and 30g of added sugars (food and drinks that contain added sugar or those found naturally in syrups, honey or unsweetened fruit juices) a day.

Try porridge (unsweetened variety) and add fresh or dry fruits for taste. Here are some other ideas for a healthy breakfast:

Bircher Muesli – this can be made overnight and will save time in the morning!

Granola – when made right, homemade granola contains a lot less sugar.

A Fry Up - instead of a Sunday fry up; try this alternative treat:



Try swapping sandwiches for these alternatives:

Soup – Soup is a great option for lunch as it keeps you fuller for longer because of the water content and can be made full of nutritional vegetables:

Salad - Salads are a great lunch and needn’t be boring. If you buy them for lunch – avoid salads with creamy dressings and go for those with a vinaigrette.

Left Overs – Homemade food is often healthier. Try batch cooking and have left over dinner for lunch. It saves time and is also good for budgeting.



Small changes can be made to your evening meal to make it healthier and more nutritious.

Sauces – Readymade sauces in the supermarkets can contain a lot of sugar and salt. Swap shop brought sauces for these homemade alternatives. Try this smoky tomato sauce as an alternative to supermarket brands.

Meat Free Monday – Try having a meat free Monday. It is a great way of getting extra vegetables into your diet and it also helps the environment (bonus!).

Sunday Dinner – The Sunday dinner can often be the highlight of the week but they can also lead to a huge blow out. Alternatives to a Sunday dinner



You need not swap a decadent dessert for fruit salad. A healthy dessert can be so much more. Why not try some of these recipes by Nourishing Amelia?

What healthy food swaps would you recommend? Let me know!

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