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Fatburn Extreme - Why I Love It!

You may not have heard of Fatburn Extreme. It is an approach to fitness developed by Dianne Teo that is proving very popular in Scotland, Australia and the Far East. It is popular because it gets results! It sounds hard but it is suitable for all including beginners and that’s what I love about it. I love that my classes can be diverse and inclusive – every exercise can be adapted to suit the individual.

Fatburn Extreme is a fixed 20 minute maximal workout where you work to your optimal. What is unique about it is that is your optimal and no one else’s. You work your hardest and rest only for recovery. This is why it works regardless of age, gender or ability.

It improves strength, power and functional speed. It helps to boost metabolism and optimises fat loss (for up to 48 hours). It is short (about 30mins with the warm up and cool down) so it fits into busy lives.

Another reason I love the class is that it has been developed based on scientific evidence:

Your body will never get used to the workout and stop adapting. Fatburn Extreme has been formulated with a scientific approach based on the principles of ‘overload’. The training variables are manipulated so the neuromuscular system does not have a chance to familiarise itself with the workout. This means that every workout is a challenge and you do not stop burning fat.

It breaks down visceral fat stores (fat that is located in your abdominal cavity and can accumulate around your organs) and is designed to develop lean muscle tissue.

The compound movements incorporated provide focus metabolic movements which can lead to increased resting metabolic rate – meaning that even at rest you have the potential to burn slightly more calories.

This workout is for you whether you want to lose weight, enjoy the health benefits that exercise can bring or simply want to run for the bus without getting out of breath. Try it and join the revolution! It is at the moment London’s best kept secret to weight loss and keeping extremely fit!

You can book a class at RPT Fitness Classes

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